LM Support Services Portal

Custodian Introduction


Liability Management Support Services - Online Portal - Custodian/Bondholder



Welcome to the Citibank N.A., London Branch, Liability Management Support Services portal.


This portal is available to:-


-               Custodians

-               Brokers

-               Investors

-               Advisors

-               Other debt related Intermediaries.  


In order to access the portal, you will first need to register. 


You will only need to register once.


Please click on the 'User Registration' link and complete the relevant fields before submitting.


(If you are part of a larger team, we would recommend you register as an individual, and then assign a co-ordinator to also register on behalf of the team using your relevant group address).




Details of your registration will be sent to the Citi LM Support Services team, who will verify and approve as appropriate.


Once registered you can log on and have secure access to information and tools relating to various Liability Management transactions (Voluntary Corporate Action Events).


Should you have any questions on the Portal, please e-mail our team at exchange.gats@citi.com.